From Jeremy Wan

From Jeremy Wan
December 26, 2017

" Mr Pasang is a highly recommended guide. He was recommended to us by Mr Yee Chee Leong and bingo he was that good. We did had a very enjoyable trekking trip with him for the whole 12 days. He is responsible,genuine,talkative with his line " No worry, No chicken curry" and also " No prize for 1st place "... both phrase to ask us not to worry & just enjoy the trek. He even give personal massage if and when the need arises ( No extra charge too) but of course you cant ask for 60 mins massage which would be taxing on him considering he did alot for us...making sure we were well fed, warm and comfortable. Another great point is that he is a great photographer too...thus he is also our photographer at no extra charges too...well he did alots for us with no extra charges.

As for the fees we paid him for the whole 12 days trek was very fact very cheap if not the cheapest BUT rest assured we can say that he is THE very best and we were very fortunate to have him. Yup he is that good that not only would we recommend him to others but I will personally arrange more trips with him.
"Once is not enough" (Nepal's tourism tagline) for me I been to Nepal twice and I can aptly said " Nepal...twice is still NOT enough ". As for Mr Pasang Dendi Sherpa, he was not only good, he was Excellent.


With Thanks & Love fr the group G 8 : Jeremy Wan, Pearly Ung ,Adeline Wong, Sam Kok Hoong , Tan Jooi Ping, Doris Hi, Jackson & Ms Wongs.

Ps : Photo graph taken by Mr Pasang himself. 8 of us with his brother Chong Ba as assistant guide...nice & helpful boy

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