Nepal Short Treks

Nepal short treks can experience trekking in Himalaya. Also, they can learn mountain people’s lifestyles their culture. This short trekking also suitable for all age groups can walk families in school winter or summer vacation. A mountain walking people feel every day fresh and energy through the green valley of Nepal.

This short trekking course you don’t need trek experience in the mountain. The route of the short treks is wilderness and homestay so that trekkers can test mountain and mountain people a short time. For short treks, if you have a spirit of mountain journey and like walking, you are always qualified for any trekking in Nepal. Ensure that Himalayan smile treks and adventure trekking crew have a long-time experience in handling groups in Mountain Region.

We aim to provide a higher quality of trekking and travel services than has ever been available to travelers in Nepal. These high standards are reflected in the quality and dedication of our employees and the quality of accommodations, transportation makes your travel fruitful.