About Us

Sherpa Guide Nepal team consists of young and committed individuals who cater quality and customized services to our valuable guests from all over the world. We are experts and professionals in our respective fields and have a lot of experience in trekking. In addition, we are friendly and reliable and will take good care of your needs so you can enjoy and make the most out of your journey.

As Sherpa who live in the Himalayas, we can adapt and are used to high altitudes and tough living conditions in the Himalayan regions. Therefore, trekking and tourism is a natural profession for the Sherpa people. We are familiar with the ever-changing climate and weather conditions of high-altitude trekking, accustomed to the local communities, and by being your guide, we will be able to show you our local customs and help you discover the natural wonders of the Nepal Himalayas. Hence, Sherpa Guide Nepal is able to provide you good quality service, warm hospitality and reliable support for your trekking holidays.

We prepared various packages and trekking itineraries for your convenience and you may choose them according to your interests, preferences, time and budget. We offered tea house trekking in most popular routes but we are also specialized in camping treks for the less-traveled, off-the-beaten and remote treks. We are pleased to provide you an authentic Himalayan experience by taking you through the virgin trails, pristine forests and valleys, and local ethnic villages where both culture and lifestyles are unique and interesting to travelers.

We also provide opportunities for you to discover the exotic Shangri-La of the Himalayas, experience conversations and interactions with the local communities, and ensure that you cherish and bring home a long-lasting memorable adventure/journey. Our treks are carefully designed and optimized for our clients so they can have a pleasurable and enjoyable experience throughout their trekking journey.

We work together, we work in team, we are the best herd around that can help you for trekking in Nepal.

We plan for your trip

Ask us for the Quote, we get back to you within 24hrs with estimated ballpark. On agreement, we make necessary arrangements for your trip to Nepal.

We pick you up on your arrival

We arrange  for your pick-up at the airport or your point of arrival. Transfer you to your hotel and brief you on your upcoming adventures.

We take you places

You are taken on your adventure as promised and even more. Ample opportunities are provided to experience Nepal. We try to make your holiday a truly memorable one.

We see you off

You are seen off at your departure point for your forward journey. We hope for your return for yet another adventure with us!!

Sherpa Guides Nepal proud to be your Nepal hiking and adventure trekking partner to be your best adventure treks, tours, expeditions partner to give you an exotic experience of Himalayan country Nepal.

We at Sherpa Guide Nepal have been steadily guiding visitors for more than 15+ years. Our combined experiences could reach well over 35+ years and  we are experienced in taking tourists around Annapurna and Everest Base Camp ranges. We know every bells and whistles when it comes to escalating the heights of Himalayas. Rest assured, our guides, office staff members, logistic supporters, all are up to our very stringent standards. Feel safe journeying with us.