Nepal Peak Climbing

Nepal Peak Climbing is famous for its majestic giant mountains including the world’s highest mountain, the Mount Everest. The Himalayas in Nepal have always been popular amongst the climbers and adventure seekers all over the world. There are approximately 1,310 identified peaks which are above 6,000 meters including the 8 highest peaks in the world.

A quarter of them has been officially opened for climbing or mountaineering activities to boost peak climbing and extreme adventure tourism in Nepal Himalayas. Some other smaller mountains are known as “Trekking Peaks” and they are ranged from 5,587 meters to 6,500 meters where physically fit and keen trekkers may climb.

Needless to say, peak climbing in Nepal gives you the best mountaineering and expedition experiences and often offers travelers a chance of a lifetime experience to scale high peaks. However, you must have some basic mountaineering training before climbing and that includes proper briefing, accurate usage of your climbing equipment and gears, etc. under the guidance and supervision of your professional mountain guide.

  • Tent peak
    Tent peak
    Tent peak (Tharup Chuli) climbing is undoubtedly the most popular peak in north-west Nepal. Tent ...
    18 Days
    On Request
  • Chulu East Peak
    Chulu East Peak
    The Chulu East Peak climbing is one of the tough climbings in Nepal and it ...
    20 Days
    On Request
  • Mera Peak
    Mera Peak
    Mera Peak is the highest of the trekking peaks in Nepal. When this is combined ...
    19 Days
    US$ 2,550
  • Island Peak
    Island Peak
    Island peak has an altitude of 6189 meters and is one of the popular trekking ...